The fundamentals of shipping to Switzerland

Looking to expand into Switzerland, but prefer not to open a store or distribution center? Instead, you can choose to ship orders to the country from outside locations. Fluent Commerce and Emakina.CH have partnered to create a Global Retail Guide for retailers and brands looking to sell into Switzerland. Keep these factors in mind. To […]

Keeping pace with technological changes

When one brand delights customers with a new digital experience, user expectations elevate. As other brands begin to follow, it’s impossible for a novel digital experience to differentiate a brand for long. That’s why being the first mover is critical. Keeping pace with technological change is a challenge, especially for businesses that rely on outdated […]

Accessibility for websites and apps (part 2): practical tips to get started

In part 1 of this article, we have explained what ‘accessibility for the web’ means and why it is important. In part 2, we list five hands-on tips to get started to make your own web content more accessible. Ready? Here we go! Provide sufficient contrast between elements In the design phase, your process of […]

Post-Covid work: how Emakina.BE intends to become “the place where you want to come to work”

Tim Wolfs and Pierre Pôlet co-manage Emakina in Belgium. As the end of the pandemic seems to take shape, they tell us more about their vision of work in a post-Covid world. How did they experience the lockdown? What were the reactions of their clients and their teams in Brussels? Above all, what does daily […]

Esports, the new sponsorship El Dorado?

In November 2019, Paris played host to the World Championship Final of the popular online game, League of Legends. The event was broadcast in 16 languages on around 20 platforms and attracted no less than 44 million spectators. Among young people, the popularity of these esport tournaments easily rivals that of the Olympic Games – […]

How loyalty ecosystems can help brands better serve customers

Consumer loyalty is something businesses have long understood the importance of—and for good reason. By its very definition, customer loyalty increases the lifetime value of consumers, either by increasing the frequency with which they shop at a given retailer or by raising the amount that they spend per transaction with that retailer—hence leading to a […]

Three tips for establishing a presence in Switzerland

When entering a new market, there are many details to consider. The key is to find the right balance between core processes that can stay the same across regions – then adjust specific rules to accommodate local needs. Fluent Commerce and Emakina in Switzerland have partnered to create a Global Retail Guide for retailers and […]

Accessibility for websites and apps (part 1): what & why?

One billion out of the world’s population are faced with disabilities: visual impairment, physical disabilities, hearing impairment, photosensitive seizures, cognitive disabilities, color blindness,… These disabilities may prevent them from accessing digital content – your digital content. Of course there are solutions in the shape of assistive technologies such as speech recognition, braille terminals, and assistive […]

What is ‘Jobs To Be Done’ – and should you apply it?

In the world of Experience Design (XD), Jobs To Be Done is becoming a popular topic. XD strategists promote it as a helpful tool to guide businesses to answer and identify their consumers’ needs. But what is Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) precisely, and how is it useful?   The theory behind JTBD  Every day you encounter a job that needs to be done. It can be big or small, from brushing your […]

Online marketplaces in a post-covid world

Last year, as lockdowns became the new normal, and consumers were forced to shop online out of necessity, businesses were forced to rapidly change their strategies to digital. Online marketplaces appear to be the biggest beneficiary of this “new normal” as consumers start to replace their regular trips to the stores with browsing shops online. […]

GPT-3 and synthetic media | The future of digital and automation

GPT-3 is trending, especially now that Open AI has removed the waiting list and everyone has access to their API. Open AI’s GPT-3 is an autoregressive language model with 175 billion parameters that uses deep learning to produce human-like text. The model enables developers to build tools that understand human-like input and produce human-like output.  […]

Capturing attention and delighting users

Consumers interact with hundreds of brands every day. These experiences shape their expectations and digital disruptors constantly raise the bar for everyone. Brands must keep an eye on these digital leaders and disruptors — Amazon, Sephora, Glossier — to identify trends that are resonating. Experiences that reduce friction Attention spans are short, meaning your brand, […]

Automating boring tasks

We all know about them: those dull or repetitive tasks that we’d like to skip or wish we could automate. Whether it’s filling timesheets or updating documents, everyone has a pet peeve they’d love to get rid of. Pieter-Jan, Full Stack Java & AEM developer at Emakina, decided to act on his hatred of boring […]

5 ways loyalty programs help to build a brand-loving community

Loyalty programs: we all know and use them in our daily life for regular purchases. They usually know us pretty well and for a good reason: they are built to understand our needs and wants and offer us the best experience possible in our customer journey with a brand. That’s why they are particularly accurate […]

Les cookies sont cuits. Bienvenue dans l’économie de la confiance.

Cette tribune fait partie de notre dossier thématique “Cookieless Economy” dont la MasterClass est accessible ici. À l’écoute du bruit ambiant, vous avez retenu que vous devez impérativement vous débarrasser de vos cookies. Pas les gâteaux, mais les fichiers que vous déposez de manière insouciante sur le device de vos utilisateurs. “Les cookies, c’est mal” […]

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