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Gurkan Ustunkar’s Digital Proust Questionnaire

Emakina Group’s exceptional directors play a major part in its success, leading the way. A fine example is Gurkan Ustunkar, who is heading Emakina’s B2B Commerce practice in the MENA region. But who is the real Gurkan, the man behind many ecommerce strategies and development of building blocks for clients’ digital storefront? Let’s sneak a peek inside his head with Emakina’s Digital Proust Questionnaire

L’alternative au numérique n’existe pas : il est devenu un refuge

Le Covid-19 a craqué l’allumette qui a mis le feu aux poudres. Cette crise fut la catharsis qui révéla les manques des organisations. Parmi ceux-ci, le plus crucial était le manque d’adaptation des organisations face à des salariés pour la plupart prêts au changement (et qui ont d’ailleurs révélé leur engagement). Le confinement et les […]

The challenges of e-business logistics in times of Corona

Logistics is a complex and challenging area at the best of times – and now, COVID-19 has changed everything. The impact on business is enormous. So, what logistical challenges are retailers currently dealing with – and how? Clearly, the first priority for all retailers is to ensure safety: for warehouse staff, for delivery drivers, for […]

What Amazon’s arrival on the Belgian and Dutch markets is going to change

Amazon’s upcoming arrival on the Belgian and Dutch markets is going to stir the two countries’ commerce pot, making some of its ingredients obsolete and adding some new flavours to it. But what will all this change, practically, for users and especially for all the professionals involved in the commerce of goods, be it online or physical stores? Overview of this significant evolution and of the opportunities it presents to brands and distributors.

Emakina partners with major marketplace integrator: ChannelEngine

With so many online marketplaces to potentially sell on, it’s getting more and more important to integrate your back-end systems in the best possible way. With the award of a ‘silver’ partnership by ChannelEngine, one of the world’s main integrators, Emakina shows that it’s capable of doing just that. Adding up to supplying strategy, marketing, […]

What is an order management system and why do I need one?

When we talk of e-commerce (or e-business), most people immediately think of web shops. They are the visible, consumer-facing part of the business, and everybody, whether they work in e-business or not, knows what a web shop is and what it does. For the systems behind the scenes, it’s a different story. Not everybody understands the role […]

Slow is smooth and smooth is fast; why aligning pace makes sense to enhance your digital acceleration

As the head of Digital Consultancy at Emakina NL, Rob is responsible for making sure that we are able to meet our clients’ needs with relevant services in terms of performance, experience and technology in the digital domain. This means he gets to meet a lot of different clients, from a range of departments and […]

How our Rapid Response Team lets you hit the ground running during this crisis

How can I repurpose my shopping staff now all my shops are empty?How do I get the stock from my stores to the customer?How do I get offline shoppers in my online shop at minimal cost? How can my Salesforce Clouds help in this crisis?How do I improve traffic and conversion today? The COVID-19 crisis is […]

Catch The Marketing Soundwave: From Noise To Voice

Voice is becoming a reality on the same level as social, mobile and web. This means it is necessary for marketers to jump in now. Smart speakers and voice apps keep gaining ground. 60% of smartphone users have tried voice search at least once in the past 12 months. And 55% of teenagers use voice search every day. The consumers in the US and China are leading the way, with the UK and other European markets following.

14 % Digitalprämie? Das endet Jahr gut!

Wer, wie viel und was von der aws gefördert wird – Emakina hat die Antworten. Worum geht’s? Die österreichische Bundesregierung hat gemeinsam mit der aws (austria wirtschaftsservice) ein neues Förderungsprogramm konzipiert, die aws Investitionsprämie. Was ist das Ziel? Österreichs Wirtschaft in Folge der Corona-Krise unterstützen, die Wettbewerbsfähigkeit ausbauen und Zukunftsthemen wie Digitalisierung vorantreiben. Was bringt’s? Sie […]

Why You Really Need a B2B e-Commerce Platform?

According to Forrester Research report (1), the B2B e-commerce industry is expected to reach $1.8 trillion by 2023, and accounts for 17% of total B2B sales. Seizing such an opportunity has never been more timely. This blog post explores the evolving B2B buying behavior, some challenges B2B companies face and the reasons on why you […]

Getting more from Salesforce

COVID-19 has a major impact on all of our lives, both personally and in the way we do business. This has many implications for your e-business; from changes in customer shopping habits, to increasing customer enquiries.  One thing is certain: things are moving fast and businesses need to be able to react quickly to the […]

Pari tenu ! Emakina crée un site e-commerce en 14 jours pour le retailer Al Hokair

Le Moyen-Orient n’a pas été épargné par la crise. Comme dans la majorité des pays du monde, le confinement a été imposé en mars. Et comme partout ailleurs, le commerce physique a été fortement impacté avec une chute spectaculaire des ventes. Le Groupe Al Hokair fait partie des acteurs économiques du retail qui ont le […]

7 Snapshots from Salesforce Dreamforce

From the first glimpse of the Dreamforest to the applause closing at the last day’s final session, Salesforce once again made Dreamforce a true experience. It is impossible to tell everything, so here are seven snapshots to remember Dreamforce ’19 by.

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